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Wide Angle Security Cameras

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Wide Angle Security Cameras Installation In San Diego

As we all know, home and business security is a very hard to be dealt with part of our life. If we will try to always watch and read news, we will notice invasions or burglaries and many other crimes. Mostly, crimes transpire at homes and business establishments. And in this connection, wide angle security camera San Diego is totally a-must need technology to all of us.

Why do we need wide angle security cameras?

It is indeed true that there are a lot of crimes like invasion, or burglary. So, we can say that some of us do not do a great job in protecting their homes and business establishments. In fact, a few of us will choose to spend more money for car security than their homes and commercial buildings. In this situation, we have to take into consideration of having wide video cameras San Diego at our homes and other buildings.

wide angle security camera San DiegoThere are a lot of things that we can do for free like putting a sign in our front yard that there are guard dogs. Aside from this, we can also join in a program regarding home and commercial buildings security. We can also double lock our doors and windows. And in fact, according to police statistics, 60 percent of all commercial and home buildings invasion or burglary transpire because of unsecured doors and windows.  Some of the wide angle security cameras are offered for free that will help us improve our security.

However, police officers strongly suggest of buying wide angle video cameras San Diego. In this way, having these wireless video cams will help us determine whether there are thieves or not around our buildings.

For your information, there are a lot of wireless video cameras available out there, but the best one available is the wireless wide angle video cameras San Diego. They are a waterproof camera, so if we want to put it outside, it can be. We do not have to feel afraid whether it will not function or not after being wet.

It has 56 infrared LEDs that enables us to see 150 feet away in darkness. It has great quality pictures because of 540 TV lines of resolution. And it can broaden the viewing area because of their 9 to 22 mm wide angle lens. It is really different from the normal wireless video cameras. So, we can say that wide wireless video cameras San Diego is one of the excellent or extraordinary cameras that are available in the market.

Other benefits or pros of wide angle security cameras

Aside from the given benefits, there are other pros that wide angle security cameras San Diego can give to us, and here are the following:

  • Since they are called wide angle security cameras, it allows us to view large field or area. These cameras can cover 360 degree field or area, but this will depend on their mounting location. Usually the models will allow us or other installers to set up numerous surveillance modes considering the angle that we really need. We can also pre-program both pan and tilt that will provide us an easy installation at parking lots and rooftops. So using wide angle cameras will wide angle security cameras San Diegohelp us minimize our costs while maximizing our protection or security.
  • They have motion tracking that is built-in. since wide angle cameras San Diego has a built-in motion tracking, we can set them so that they will be able to detect and track person’s motion. When the person or object moves, they will be panning, zooming or tilting automatically. This serves as a huge benefit because they can provide us with video evidence that we really need when theft, vandalism, and other crimes happen inside or outside our property.
  • They can provide clear pictures or videos during evening. Night vision is a very significant advantage in providing surveillance cameras in a place that has very poor lighting conditions. In fact, light is needed in capturing a picture or video with a high quality. However, in wide angle security cameras San Diego, it can capture high quality image in complete darkness because these cameras have LEDs and a great IR filter.
  • Wide angle security cameras can live in all kinds of weather conditions. They have a feature of having extreme outdoor reconnaissance. All of the weather conditions like rain, and heat cannot affect the performance of these cameras. In this way, we can install them at the very remote locations like rooftops.
  • They have a great zoom system. These cameras have detection ability of 150 feet. However, in some models that are very expensive, they can detect 1000 feet. When it comes to their ability to zoom in, they can reach 12X and 36X.
  • They have lots of alarm inputs. These cameras have four alarm inputs which can allow us to connect other salient devices like motion detectors, and door contacts. If something is happening, these cameras can stop other significant activities for them to be able to do the recording. This can be if we program these cameras.
  • These cameras are resistant to tamper. Wide angle surveillance cameras have a built-in strong metal housings that will make them resistant from tamper and shatter. These housings will never affect the good performance of these cameras. Still, they will provide a vivid picture.
  • They have built-in auto focus meaning once we zoom the video cameras, we will have clear pictures. If we will compare it to other cameras, they are really apart.
  • They have a simplified installation.
  • They have a high definition option. These cameras provide high definition option or video which can be installed easily.

Bottom line, using wide angle surveillance cameras will help us a vivid picture of an activity when we zoom, pin and tilt the camera. They can also last for such a long time for the reason that it is weatherproof. Furthermore, in the general perspective, our money that we will spend will be useful. 

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