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Hello there people! First and foremost, let me just give my thanks to the guys of 7 Day Locksmith You did a great job for me. In an instant, you have come to my place to replace my lost remote control key. I didn’t know you guys work like Flash. Really fast and accurate for a very good prize. Would definitely call you again for my next locksmith problem. Now as part of my gratitude, I just want to tell everybody to also try getting your service because it’s definitely worth it. To anyone out there who has a problem with their locks or keys, 7 Day Locksmith is highly recommended. 10/10 is my grade for them.
Janiz Castilone

A middle aged man arrived at home in full uniform and told me he is from 7 Day Locksmith, the one you’ll replace my broken master key. He said after a day or two, I will have my new master key. I just nodded and say okay. But my mind is telling me otherwise. In my head, I was like, “Really? You can do it in a day? I don’t think so.” I did not believe him because I know their locksmith business has a lot of customers and I don’t think they can do the work I asked in a quick manner without asking for additional fee for express work. But after a day, he came back and handed me the master key and so I could try it. You got me there dude! Nice one. You guys are really great. You are very true to your words. PS. I forgot to mention, very presentable and polite as well.
Kristine Gilbert

Sincerely, thank you so much 7 Day Locksmith for the exceptional work you’ve done for me last week. We have received many unsatisfactory works before until I have found you. What? Lol. But seriously, only now that I have regained my faith in locksmiths and it’s because of you. I cannot imagine how you quickly made my safe and secured. I can finally have peace of mind every time I’m out of the house. You work really fast and first-class. I have nothing else to say. Don’t worry, you can count on me when I say I’ll get your service again in the future and also, I’ll definitely recommend you to my friends and relatives who need locksmith service. Thank you again! You guys are God sent. It is our pleasure to have you around.
Isabella Jones

Unfortunately, I have lost my car key. I have tried looking for it everywhere but to no avail. I just couldn’t find it and so I gave up. Now I needed someone to help me have a brand new key. At first, I do not have an idea who to call, who to ask for help. I called a friend, remembering he got a remote control key done by a certain automotive locksmith. I asked for the number of that locksmith and called him. I learned he’s from 7 Day Locksmith. I am ready to wait a week before the key is done but guess what? After two days, I’ve got my brand new key..Really happy. Thank you 7 Day Locksmith.
Derek Rogen