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(Frequently asked questions)

What to look for in a locksmith?
To be qualified as a locksmith, he should be a licensed, bonded and state insured individual. He should have competence and free from any criminal record. He should be in most cases working in a reputable locksmith business where he has a proven track record for bringing professional and excellent service. He should be one that takes responsibility whatever the result of the work. Also, he should provide warranty for the service or product he provides. These are overall what you should for in a locksmith.
Do you have a locksmith near my place?
We do. Our locksmith services are available all over the state and so if you need a locksmith, we can immediately come to your place day and night. We are always ready and prepared to take over on your locksmith problem, whatever that is and no matter how simple or difficult it is. Just dial our number and tell us your problem. You can expect us to come right away.
When should you call a locksmith?
Basically, you need to call a locksmith to secure your belongings, your home, your assets, your office and other valuables from burglars, theft, intruders, unauthorized access and everything in between. To replace a lock or a lost key is not easy. To automatically secure a home is not easy either. Reputable locksmiths only have the skills and knowledge to dealing with these concerns and lot others. If you’re locked out of your care, home or safe, a locksmith has the capacity to gain access for you with least cost and damage. In short, call a locksmith for anything that has to do with locks, safes and keys.
Is it possible for you to cut keys for an old lock?
Yes. In most instances we can. We will do our very best to get it.
I want the same key for my locks. Can you do that?
Of course yes. It is very possible to make the same keys for locks as long as the brand of your locks is the same. 
Do you sell deadlocks so that I’ll no longer buy once you say I need one?
Definitely, we stock and sell different brands and types of branded deadlocks. Whatever brand and type you need, we sure thing can supply it.
Can you install a keyless entry system at my place?
Absolutely. We install keyless entry system to homes, offices and cars. Simply give a call for a free consultation to learn if the keyless entry system is what you need.
I lost my car’s remote control key. What should I do? Can you help?
Call us for we can help. We provide new remote control keys which only need to be programmed and synced with your car. We have automotive locksmiths that can do the work for almost any type and brand of car.
Do you offer discounts?
We are more than happy to offer discounts. Let us discuss the service solution you need so that we can determine the discount you can achieve. Estimates and consultations are offered all for free over personal visit or through the phone.