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When you’re looking for a local locksmith serving Carlsbad, you don’t want to just choose the first cheap locksmith you find online. Your locksmith should be able to provide secure, high quality services, from key duplication and car key replacement, to door lock and window lock repairs. Here are some key questions to ask of a locksmith before you consider hiring him.

What Locksmith Services do You Offer?

Before you tell a locksmith what services you’re looking for, you should find out what specific locksmith services he provides. This prevents him from insisting that he has the experience or qualifications necessary for the specific work that you need done, when he might not have any knowledge of how to fix your problems. If you need specialty locksmith services, it’s crucial to find a local locksmith with the proper experience to ensure that you get high quality work that won’t need to be repaired later.

What Licenses and Insurance Do You Hold?

Most states require that local locksmiths hold certain licenses, and all states require locksmiths to be insured. You should never hire a locksmith who cannot provide you with proof of insurance. Any locksmith that you speak to should be familiar with your state’s licensing requirements, and you can also look on the website for your state’s Department of Justice or Bureau of Security and Investigative Services to determine if your locksmith should be licensed. Some state websites even allow you to search local locksmiths by name to verify the locksmith’s license.

What Are Your Hours and Rates?

Do not hire a locksmith who doesn’t provide general estimates of his rates for his locksmith services. This would put you in the vulnerable position of risking that the rates will change once the services are completed. Some locksmiths charge hourly rates, while others have flat rates for each locksmith service. Knowing what the rates are for locksmith services ahead of time will also allow you to compare the rates of several different locksmiths to find the best deal.