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You may have used the services of a locksmith San Diego, but you might not know about the rich history of locksmithing. The locksmithing profession developed around 4000 years ago, and there have been many advances in the industry since. Here is a brief look at the history of locksmithing around the world.

The First Locksmiths

The locksmithing profession began 4000 years ago in Ancient Egypt and Babylon. At that time, door locks were made of wood, and utilized tin tumblers to prevent someone from entering a home or business without a door key. Door keys were large wooden keys that looked something like present-day toothbrushes. When a door key was inserted upwards into a door lock, it would maneuver the tumblers to open the door lock. The first evidence of such keys and door locks was uncovered in Assyrian ruins; historians believed they were created around 704 B.C.

Locksmith Advances

As the practice of metallurgy advanced in 18 th century Europe, door locks and keys became much more sophisticated. Locksmiths created much more advanced metal keys and door locks with the development of industrial production. Cheap locksmiths began to set up shop, forcing local locksmiths to become specialists in lock repair, key duplication, and as key makers. Industrial locksmiths eventually were able to put their talents to work as locksmiths for large security companies working for banks and government offices.

Present Day Locksmithing

Today, locksmithing is a vibrant industry, with 24 hour locksmiths and mobile locksmiths available for key duplication and car key replacement. Local locksmiths can help if you’ve locked keys in your car, need keys made, or need a door lock or window lock repaired or replaced. With modern advancements in locksmithing, many locksmiths specialize in electronic door locks, keyless entry, and keypad door locks. These door lock advancements have protected car owners and homeowners from burglaries and theft.