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Key Duplication

key duplication San Diego

Key Duplication

duplicate keys San DiegoGetting most of the press, quite a great number of essays and articles have been written about the lock when focusing on the world of the locksmith. However, surprisingly not very many are written regarding to keys. A locksmith is working with all kinds of tools and locks, hardware and some other security devices but a very essential part of a locksmith’s job pertaining to keys. Without the key, the lock is merely a device unable to close or open for its owner. Most of locks are the stationary objects that are installed into the many different types of house doors. While having the capability of being mobile, padlocks are also somewhat docile in nature as well. One of the best method of securing this important item such as key, is to duplicate keys San Diego.

Types of Duplicate Keys San Diego

  1. House keys – A house key is the most common type of key.
  2. Car keys – Car keys or automobile keys are used in opening and starting a car.
  3. Master keys – Master keys are operating a set of several locks. There is usually nothing special about the key itself, but instead, the locks into which it will fit.
  4. Control keys – These are special keys used in the core removable locking systems.
  5. Transponder keys – These keys are also called chip keys, which are car ignition keys with the signal emitting circuits that are built inside.
  6. Double-sided key – It is very similar to car or house with the exception of having 2 sets of teeth.
  7. Four-sided keys – These keys has four sides, which make it not only harder to duplicate, but also more physically durable.
  8. Paracentric keys – Designed to open paracentric locks.

Key Cutting as the Primary Method of Key Duplication San Diego

As the metalworking term for shaping through material removal, key cutting has been the main method of duplicating keys. A flat key will be fitted into a vise in the machine, with an attached blank in a parallel vise, and the original key has being moved along a guide, while the blanks is being moved against a wheel, which is cutting it. After cutting, the new key will be deburred. It is done by scrubbing duplicate keys San Diegowith a metal brush in order to remove the burrs. Burrs are the small pieces of metal remaining on the key, wherein it not removed, can be dangerously sharp, and they are foul locks.

Various key cutting machines are more or less automated, with the use of various grinding or milling equipment, and following the design of the early 20th century professional duplicate keys San Diego. Key duplication is available in many different retail hardware stores and as a service of the specialized locksmith, even though the right key blank may not be available. More recently, online duplicating key service have become available. Particular keys are especially designed to be hard to copy, for key control like Medeco, whereas others are simply stamped with “Do Not Duplicate” in order to advise that the key control be requested.

However, in the United States, this disclaimer does not have legal weight. Instead of using a pattern grinder to get the metal removed, key duplication San Diego can also be done with a punch machine. The key that should be duplicated is measured for the depth of every notch with a gauge, and then being placed into a device with a numeric slider. The slider is being adjusted to match the corresponding measured depth and a lever has been depressed. This cuts the whole notch at once. As the lever is raised, the key will automatically advance to the next indexed position, and the slider will be adjusted properly to the next measured depth. This cycle will be continued until the key is completed.

Duplicate keys San Diego in this process is more labor intense, requiring quite better trained personnel. Nonetheless, keys that are made in this fashion have clean margins, and the depths of the notches are not subject to wear induced changes, which are encountered when the heavily worn keys have been duplicated through a pattern grinder. Moreover, keys may be made in this fashion without an original, as long as the depth or every notch and the kind of key blank are known. This will be specifically useful for institutions with a great number of locks for which they would not want to maintain a large range of archived copies.

A machine that permits rapid duplication on the flat metal keys may have been invented first in the US in 1917, which has contributed to the proliferation of their use during the 20th century. The key duplication San Diego has been place in one vise with the blank key being cut in a corresponding vise under the cutting disk. Then, the vise carriage is into such position through a lateral-feed clutch which both shoulders of blank keys and pattern, juts touch the cutter and guide disk respectively.

The lateral-feed clutch on top of machine has then been thrown, and vertical feed rod released into power and action applied through combination of hand-crank power wheel on right of machine, until the cutter passed over the whole length at blank. A duplicate keys San Diego of the pattern key has been attained in about one minute. In the recent years, dual key cutting machines have come into the market, allowing cutting of both cylinder and mortice on one machine. These machines are mainly manufactured in the Far East, saving a key cutter an essential amount of money compared with using 2 separate dedicated machines.

Selecting your Locksmith for Key Duplication San Diego

You would want a key industry professional that you can trust with the security of your office building and home. Most people only consider hiring a locksmith and investing the passivity of getting a locksmith hired when they need one. It is always better if you can find a locksmith for key duplication San Diego prior to that so that you can be sure that you have hired someone who can do the job at a reasonable price, and that they will do it well.

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