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If you enjoy the convenience of keyless entry for their car door locks in the San Diego area, you may be curious about how keyless door locks work. Remote entry devices allow you to quickly and easily unlock your car door lock without having to fumble around with a car key. Here is an interesting explanation of how remote entry car keys work, and how they can benefit you.

Radio Transmitter and Receiver Allow Keyless Entry

How Remote Entry Car Keys WorkThe device on your keychain that provides remote entry to your car contains a small radio transmitter. By pushing the button on your key fob, you are turning on the radio transmitter and allowing it to send a wireless signal to a radio receiver within your car. This signal contains a code that must match the one programmed into your radio receiver. When the code is accepted, your car door lock is opened.

Security Measures That Protect Keyless Entry Devices

Modern security measures make keyless entry devices much safer than they were in the past. Your key fob contains a controller chip that holds a secure, complex code. Your receiver must receive a signal from the transmitter that contains this exact code in order to allow remote entry into your car. If the receiver doesn’t get the correct code, your car door locks will not open. The transmitter and receiver both use a random number generator to pick out and synchronize a new matching code each time the remote entry device is used. This ensures the keyless entry device’s security.

Keyless Entry Provides Safety and Convenience

Your keyless entry system protects your car from theft by preventing anyone without the key fob from entering your car. A remote entry device also provides personal safety and convenience by allowing you keyless entry to your car door lock even when your hands aren’t free, like when you’re carrying packages or bags to your car. This prevents you from having to fumble for your car key in a dark parking lot.