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Dodge Key Replacement

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Key Replacement Dodge San Diego CA? Call Us Now

Do you need a new Dodge key or Dodge key fob San Diego or more specifically a Dodge charger key fob? Key replacements for your Dodge nowadays do not have to be as stressful and problematic as before. You do not have to follow the usual steps of calling your Dodge dealer first and scheduling an appointment with them. Even during emergencies, like car lockout, you do not have to bear the cost of towing your Dodge to their showroom just so they can work on it. Fortunately for you, those days are gone. We are San Diego Locksmith. We are the trusted locksmith company in San Diego CA with a roster of trained and professional locksmiths with years of experience. Even if you have a transponder key, we can make a new blank key for you and have it programmed and coded specifically for your Dodge. No need to have it coordinated with your Dodge dealer because we are equipped with only the modern tools that aid us in solving all of your problems. We are also proud of our 24/7 emergency service for our customers. You do not have to go to us because we can and will go to you, wherever you maybe. Just give us a call at (858) 522-9722 and provide the scenario (don’t forget to mention the model of your dodge) to our staff. We can readily provide a quotation but need not to worry as our price is very competitive. Call us now and experience true service.

Our Expertise as a Car Locksmith Company

What should you do with a Broken Smart Key? If you have the Dodge key fob or more specifically a Dodge charger key fob and broke it, do not fret. We have the advanced tools that can make a brand new key or fob which can be programmed or coded to work for your Dodge.

What should you do in Emergency Lockout Situation? You are just about to go home after a very long and tiring day. Then you suddenly realized that your Dodge key San Diego was nowhere to be found.  Give yourself a break, call us and let us get you home in no time. We are open for emergencies 24/7.                                                                                  

What should you do if you cannot find your keys? If you have been looking for your car keys all day but cannot seem to find them, worry no more and let us save your precious time. Call us now and let our professional locksmith craft new keys for you.

What should you do with a broken key? You are rushing to see your doctor but suddenly your keys broke. This is a simple problem for our locksmiths so call us immediately and let us handle the rest.

What should you do with a broken car lock? Broken car door locks is an accident waiting to happen especially if you usually just leave your car in the parking lot.  Save yourself from this trouble and let our expert locksmiths repair your broken lock.

The One Car Locksmith Company You Can Trust

Want to have a fast and reliable locksmith service for your car but also with high quality? If you think that you can only get these from your Dodge dealer, you are definitely wrong in this one. We at 7 Day Locksmith are dedicated in giving our customers the best service by providing them with the high quality expert car locksmith services. We do it speedy but reliable as we also value your precious time. Your budget is also one of the top priorities so even though we give the best service there is, we provide them at a very competitive price. Our services range from car lockout, broken ignition lock and car door lock, broken key replacement and Dodge key replacement. We are pleasured to do all these for you. We want you to be part of our growing and satisfied customer base so give us a call now at (858) 522-9722 and our staff will be more than happy to coordinate the problem with you. Our expert locksmiths have been trained rigorously with so much technical experience backing them up. And together with the latest security devices in the market, they can easily help you with any security problem you may have. So if you are trapped outside your car or your keys are missing or you simply want to improve your car security by upgrading to keyless entry, we know you will not just settle for just any other locksmith company now, only call the one you can trust.

Programming Your Own Key Fob vs Hiring a Professional Locksmith or Car Dealer

Some people prefer to do things on their own and there is really nothing wrong with that. The truth is if you really want to program your own key fob, there is none really that can stop you. Both the actual key fob and instructions on how to do the programming are readily available online. However, if time is crucial and if you are not that ‘technical’, these may be hindrances for you. Not to mention that you might not really be sure of the quality of your own work (except of course if you really had the time and effort to do proper research and you know for a fact that you are really a ‘tech savvy’).  You also need to do various checks to make sure that your new key fob will work with your Dodge and that criminals will not have access to it. In this case, going to your car dealer or professional car locksmith can both be easier and more worry-free for you. Also both offer warranty and technical support with your new key fob. However, comparing the two, car dealers tend to have a much higher price and their availability is always to be scheduled. While car locksmiths often have the 24/7 emergency service and even road side assistance, they are also much cheaper. With our company, we make sure that you are always secured, happy and satisfied with our work.