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If your car door lock doesn’t allow keyless entry in the San Diego area, you may be at risk for car key theft or car theft. Car keys are often misplaced or stolen, leaving your car vulnerable to theft or a break in. While many cheap locksmiths offer car key replacement for missing keys, you can’t easily Avoiding Car Key Theftreplace your car if it is stolen along with your car keys.

To protect your car keys from theft, never leave them lying out in public in plain sight or in a purse or bag that is not always in your possession. You should also not allow anyone to make a car key copy or car key duplication unless the person is a trusted friend or family member. If you have house guests or a house sitter, do not leave any car keys in your home, as that may tempt someone untrustworthy into making a car key copy or stealing your car keys.

If you suspect that a car key is missing or may have been stolen, contact a mobile locksmith, or 24-hour locksmith immediately. A professional local locksmith can provide re-keying services for your car door locks.