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Wireless Intercom System

Wireless Intercom San Diego CA

Crime rates are increasing; burglars and thieves are able to find ways to break-in, particularly when they are fully aware that your home or office building is not well- secured. Because of these, people begin to doubt the security level in their homes and businesses. If you are one of them, you can call San Diego Locksmith at (858) 522-9722 to either eliminate your doubt or make the necessary improvements. You can hire our services as we have full range of intercom products and services. Specifically, we can install wireless intercom system in your place. If in case you already have non-wired intercom installed in your property, we can check it to see if it requires repair, maintenance or replacement by now. You can count on us when it comes to giving valuable suggestions (such as which brands to trust and where to place them strategically) and delivering high quality home security services. We have workers who are professionals and trustworthy. We make sure that when we accept jobs, we give it our best work performance. We also offer our services in reasonable rates so many homeowners and businesses can have access to well-secured premises. For several years that we have been in business, we have countless numbers of satisfied clients. They come back to us for installation, replacement, and maintenance of their home security systems. Hire us and know that they have every reason to trust and be loyal to us. Contact us now at (858) 522-9722 and we will be happy to serve you.

Audio/Video Wireless Intercom Services

Our locksmith company offers a wide range of wireless intercom services to meet all requirements for homes, gated communities, apartment complexes, office buildings, and others. Check which of the following services will fit your needs:

Wireless Intercom Installation – This type of technology takes a lot of burden from you; you do not have to change locks or replace lost keys. You do not have to worry anymore about losing your key or being locked out. You do not even have to suit yourself looking through the peephole to see who is at the front door. Having an intercom installed in your premises requires you to just use codes and push buttons and you can easily enter your home or office and protect it from burglars and intruders. You can even monitor who is outside because it has a camera that lets you see the person on your doorstep.

Wireless Intercom Repair and Replacement – If your intercom is broken or is not functional, you can call us immediately and we will be in your place the soonest possible time. We because that the faster we can get to your location and fix your problem the faster we can also eliminate your risk to burglaries. We can provide you with excellent service because we are a team of experts who have sufficient skills and experience to find the best solution to your issue. Our many years in service allow us to be familiar with any type and any brand of home security systems that you can be sure that your device is safe with us. We also perform intercom replacement.

Why Choose Wireless Intercom San Diego CA

Wireless technology is a huge thing nowadays; even homes and businesses adapt to this change as they now install wireless security systems. Everyone knows that these devices work better than the traditional systems in so many ways. Burglars are alerted whenever they know properties that are equipped with these because they are fully aware that premises with these are impossible to break into. They are not difficult to maintain as well. You do not have to worry about lockouts, lost keys, and others. More important, you can easily see who is standing right on your doorstep. These devices may let you spend more, but in truth, you are not spending – you are making an investment so you can protect your property, your family or workforce, and your privacy. Allow us to help you to install wireless intercom system San Diego in your place. You can expect high quality work from us. Our number of satisfied clients can prove this. We are a team of professionals who spent many years honing our craft. We continuously receive trainings and attend seminars to advance our knowledge in home and business security systems. Our rates are reasonable because we want everyone to have access to our services and to ensure their privacy and safety. Call us at 7 Day Locksmith at (858) 522-9722 and we will answer all your questions. We can set an in-home appointment so we can inspect your place and offer suggestions on how you can improve the safety of your home or commercial establishment.   

Benefits of Using Security System like Wireless Intercoms

You can also hire a locksmith company to install audio and video wireless intercom inside your home or office to ensure your privacy and security. Yes, intercoms are no longer functioning as communication tools. With the advancement of technology, they offer several advantages to residences and businesses. Below are some of them:   

24-Hour Surveillance  

Intercoms can also be installed with a surveillance system so you can easily monitor what is happening outside your home. If in case there are strangers looking suspicious because they are going around your residence for a few minutes already, you can easily call the attention of authorities to check who they are and what they are doing outside or you can do something to alert them so they will leave.

Time Efficiency

When you need to tell something to your secretary, who is just a few meters outside your office, it is not necessary for you to yell or walk and waste a few minutes of your time just to relay your message. You can just push the button and the task is done in a few minutes. You can then devote most of your time working on more important tasks.

Guest Screening

Someone pushes the button; you check it on the monitor of the wireless intercom and you see that the person in the door is your neighbor who tries to sell you her beauty products. You can pretend you are not home by just ignoring her call. Now, you can say thanks to this device.

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