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Infrared Buttons

IR Buttons San Diego CA

Security technologies do not only offer high level of security for your business and safety of your investments. These also offer convenience. Isn’t it trouble-free if your employees do not have to write in the entrance log book to record their attendance or if your security personnel do not have to check the faces and IDs of each person going inside the premises because you already allow them to use high security locks with data input devices like card and fingerprint readers? Aren’t you relieved that you are able to manage the access of workers in highly secured facilities with less effort because you only need to hire a locksmith company to install access control systems in these areas? Aren’t you glad that you no longer have to visit several branches of your business because you can easily perform remote monitoring? These are the joys that sophisticated locking devices, as well as data input devices, offer to business owners like you. But of course, you want to be sure that everything will work smoothly – no installation problems and others. This is why you have to hire expert locksmith company like us. Locksmith San Diego has the expertise and knowledge to address your security concerns with access control systems and security devices installation. We are particularly well-informed about infrared buttons. Our locksmith technicians are all certified; we are trustworthy and accommodating that you can ask us any question about these particular units. Just dial this number: (858) 522-9722. We will be waiting for your call.       

How Does Buttons with Infrared Work

An IR button does not have to be pressed because it has a sensor that has the ability to read the gesture of your hand. You can simply place your hand in front or even wave it and the device will activate the sensor. It will then transform the internal relay status to release the electronic lock. This button has the capacity to sense movement in 3 to 12 cm thus its performance is affected when the person trying to enter is farther than this required distance. Because the sensor requires no physical contact or touch, you are sure that you will enter the premises with your hands clean. This is especially essential if your business is related to food and healthcare. For improved security, you can delay the opening of the door to a few seconds so the security personnel can still have a view of the employee trying to gain access inside. Or, you can set the time so it opens quickly if the station requires this. IR necessitates only low power; circuitry cost may only take $2 to $5. Because it uses hand detection to control access, you also do not have to spend on fingerprint readers, card readers, and others. You do not have to worry about leaked passwords or codes and stolen or lost cards as well. It is also highly immune from noise that it can avoid interference from other IR units and security devices. It may be weatherproof, but do not place it under direct sunlight, fog, dust, and others as it can negatively affect transmission.

Common Features of IR Buttons

IR buttons have different features, depending on the manufacturers’ designs. However, most of these devices carry the same elements. Below are some of them:

They get activated without the need to press the buttons.

When the person places his hand in front of the device, the door automatically unlocks. You no longer need to press it so you exert no force to do just that. More important, you prevent the spread of diseases in your business that often affects the operations of your business due to absences, hospitalization, and others.

They do not interfere with other infrared.

If you have to place another infrared button closer to the one you already have, you can do so. You do not have to worry about it because it will not hinder the function of the existing IR button as it is especially designed to prevent interference.

Infrared has a life cycle from 100,000 to 500,000 to 1,000,000 hours.

Infrared has a lifespan – from 100,000 to 1,000,000 hours, as some manufacturers claim. For this, you are assured that you can use your unit(s) for a longer span of time. All infrared buttons San Diego underwent life cycle testing.

They are sealed for protection.

These security devices are designed to have weatherproof housing that they are ideal both for indoors and outdoors. Some, if not most, received an IP rating of IP65, which means they have certain level of protection from dust and water. However, this does not mean that it can be exposed to very cold weather or heavy rain.

IR Buttons Installation

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