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Car Alarm Installation in San Diego: How to Do It

Car security is a must have in this day and age. It ensures that your automobile is secure and protected from thievery. Though it may seem complicated and challenging, individuals can actually have the capability to pursue a car alarm installation Company. Courtesy of Locksmith San Diego, here’s how to install a car alarm for everyone’s reference:

What You Need to Know First

Car alarm installation in San Diego isn’t as simple as purchasing a security system and installing it in your car. Several precautions must first be made. Here are some of the things you should do before you proceed with the installation:

  • Do Some Background Research: Before you proceed with any car alarm installation in San Diego, do your research first. Look at your vehicle and see what are the security alarms and protocols that your automobile can accommodate. Truth of the matter is, not all car alarms are Car Alarmcompatible to your vehicle. And nobody wants to buy a product that they won’t eventually be able to use.
  • Find the Perfect Product: Now that you know the limitations of your vehicle, you can find the perfect car alarm. Go through online shops and e-commerce websites and look at what is best for your car. Look at the features carefully. Does it emit a loud sound? Do it also switch on the lights and wipers? Does it have complicated wiring that will confuse you? Is it automatic? While you are at it, read customer reviews. Find out past customers’ experience with the product. Did it last? Did it malfunction? Did the alarm system work? This might help you choose the best type of product. While you are at it, make sure to also do an audit of prices from various source. Who know, you might find something discounted and cheaper than the original price.
  • Prepare all the Tools That You Need: Make sure you have all the items that you need to ensure that your installation process goes without any hitch or disruptions. At the top of our heads, some of the items you need includes a wire cutter or stripper, so you can splice wires together, a soldering iron or a crimping tool to secure wire connections, electrical tape, a multimeter, so one can see the functions of the wire you’re currently splicing. Don’t proceed with the actual installation without any of these items.

The Installation

Now it’s time to get your hands dirty. Here’s an easy to understand process on car alarm installation in San Diego. Make sure to follow all of these down to the letter to avoid mistakes and any errors. When doing these, make sure to also wear some gloves and goggles.  

  • Make sure the engine of the automobile is off. Make sure the parking break is also in place.
  • Take out the panels so you’ll have access on where some of the equipment will go.
  • Prepare the alarm’s power line by positioning it near the battery. Don’t make any connections Car Alarm Installationyet. That’ll be done in next step.
  • Connect a fuse to the power line near the battery. This is another preparation for later.
  • Get the LED Indicator and place it near the dashboard. You may also opt to place it in a place that’s a bit hidden but still remain highly visible to you. Make sure to secure the LED indicator with a strong adhesive. For this part of the process, we suggest using double sided tape.
  • Find where the wires of the door light button are. Afterwards, connect the sensor to those wires. This is where the soldering iron and the electric tapes comes in. Be additionally careful when doing these. These are dangerous items that can hurt.
  • Connect all input and output wires to the alarm mechanism. Make sure these are all secure. Add tape if you need to.
  • Mount the car alarm in a hidden compartment. Most users place the car alarm under hood, near the engine. Make sure to place the horn down so that water will not drip on to it.
  • Pack all the wires in a simple and non-complicated wire. Afterwards, place them underneath the dashboard. Make sure they are hidden from plain sight and they won’t be a distraction.
  • Connect the alarm power wire in step 3. Afterwards, it should be done.

Congratulations, you have successfully pursued car alarm installation in San Diego.

Testing and After Maintenance Care

Car alarm installation in San Diego is not just about putting the alarm together and connecting it to the actual automobile. it’s much more than that. The next thing you have to do is testing. Put all of the tools away, remove your gloves and clean up after yourself. Make sure to put all of the panels you have back. Close the hood of the automobile while you’re at it. When everything is done, start the testing.

Begin by opening the doors of your car. Make sure to do this for every door, from the front to the back. With every door, listen and observe. Find out if it functions well. Find out if everything is in working condition. Detect if it’s too sensitive. If it is, you might need to go back to your manual and check if you did anything wrong with the process.

Car Alarm Installation San DiegoTry to also bump and move the car manual. Give it a push or a shove. Run by past it. If the car is too sensitive, that might cause some trouble if it’s in your garage or in the office parking lot.

Once everything is clear, you’re all set. Don’t forget to do maintenance on your alarm to ensure that it lasts for a long time. Clean it regularly. Make sure all of the wires are secure and hidden from plain sight. When washing your car or doing repairs on some component, make sure the alarm and all of the output and input connections are not affected in any way. Should there be any movement, it might make the car security alarm malfunction.

Once in a while make sure that all of the adhesives and tapes are still secure. After a year or two, those might not be as tight as before, so you might need to do those all over again just to be safe.

Follow these tips and comprehensive guide from 7 Day Locksmith and enjoy the comfort and security that comes with a car alarm all year round.